I was hoping to be filling these blog pages with loads and loads of beautiful spring brides. The world had other ideas. When COVID-19 hit, the wedding industry went into chaos with the rest of the world.

I’m beyond thankful that each of my April and May brides were able to to postpone or elope and have some peace of mind while doing it. So while I may not have brides and grooms at the end of my lens this spring, I have something better… I took the time at home to do a little documenting of my boys and Bambi.

We bought way too many toys, that I’m now dubbing “quarantine toys”, and took lots of big trips outside to find the best and biggest sticks! The boo boo count is up to 6 busted lips, one burnt finger, two skinned knees and one skinned elbow…. Send help, this child is gonna give me so much anxiety.

(and yes, we did break quarantine to see the grandparents for my mom’s birthday…. don’t call the quarantine police on me LOL)

Quarantining with my crew

May 13, 2020

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