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-She's a June bride! Despite hating the summer heat, she and her now-hubby Aj tied the knot in June of 2012 and welcomed their little boy, Christian, in February 2019!
-#Dogmomlife! The Baheris have two pups. Bambi, their firstborn (and forever favorite shhhh) and Josh, the baby who's now 80 pounds of gentle sweetness.
-She's borderline obnoxiously loud. So don't worry you won't have to strain your ears to hear posing directions from her.
-Netflix binges, Starbucks and musicals are kind of her thing. (She's clearly OK being basic)
-She says annoying things like "Presh" and "Oh my Gawd! Gorg" when shooting.
-She writes in annoying third person when she has to fill out her "About Me" Section

About lauren

I have always loved taking pictures but that love grew into a passion when I began my career in journalism. As the lone reporter for a small town newspaper in my first job out of college, I had to take my own photos. That would wind up in print. With my name on it. For everyone to see. Holy Crap!
So needless to say, the pressure was on.
I had to have a thorough knowledge of the camera and how to take an interesting and catching photograph. But I LOOVED it!
So making friends pose for impromptu photo sessions turned into actual paid photo shoots with actual paying clients.
I booked my first paid gig in late 2013 and went full-time in April 2016. By the end of the 2020 wedding season, I will have joyfully photographed over 100 weddings. And I've loved every minute!

About lauren

         It will get weird ;) Sorry! It will happen.     
       case in point: the first talk about my posing rules, where I kiss my own hand to illustrate the 3 second kissing rule. I've also been known to dip brides to illustrate to the groom how I'd like it done and sometimes I'll pick up a bridesmaid to show the couple the cutesy "pick up" shot I'm going for. I love my bridesmaids ya'll!! They're always up for anything! 

          It's easier than you think. Soooo many
         couples tell me, "We're so awkward. You'll have to tell us what to do." Trust me, I will! I love posing and directing my couples to get that perfect look. But that perfect shot isn't some magical formula. Just be yourselves and I'll make sure the love shines through.

         You will have fun. I know grooms never
           believe  me when I say that but it's true! It's not all stitled poses from Pinterest where you have to hold your breathe and try to stand still. We have some fun while we're doing it! The greatest compliments I've ever gotten are from grooms telling me how much fun it was and/or how thankful they were that I got the "photo parts" done quickly and effortlessly.

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