If you’re a bride in March or April 2020 you know how stressful those months have been for wedding planning. I cannot imagine the thoughts racing through Peyton and Tyler’s heads the weeks leading up to their wedding on March 14. The new Mr. and Mrs. Mcdonald faced their wedding day at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. But apart from a cancelled honeymoon, slightly lower guest count and hand sanitizers stationed at every corner, you wouldn’t have known that this wedding day was any different from any other.

Even before the virus pandemonium started, Peyton was a nervous bride. She admitted this to me several times before wedding day haha. But on March 14th, I honestly could not tell that she was so wracked with nerves. She looked to be the most calm and poised bride! That’s the kind of peace you get when you know you’re marrying the right guy.

They were married at Holy Spirit Catholic Church in Denver with a reception at the Crossing at Hollar Mill in Hickory – which had the most magical market lights ever! Peyton specifically asked for a shot under them and I was HAPPY to oblige! We popped out of the reception for a quick shot and they are some of my favorites!

Another favorite, the milk and OREO BAR! So many different types of OREOS! I swear I’ve never seen an oreo bar but I loooove it! I demand one at every wedding now. Please and thanks.

Enjoy some of my favorites from Peyton and Tyler’s day. Including, a really sweet mother, son dance between Tyler and his mom (these get to me now that I’m a boy mom haha)

Peyton + Tyler

March 26, 2020

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