These two are such a breathe of fresh air! I knew from the moment I met Luke and Katie that I was going to ADORE their wedding… and that I’d have a groom that would cry when he saw his bride walk down the aisle.

Megan and I like to make bets on if and how much the groom is going to cry at the big reveal haha We’re pretty spot on most of the time.

I already knew Luke was excited because he’d already offered me a bribe to let him see Katie in her dress haha $5…. wasn’t nearly enough haha Take note grooms: I’m gonna need at least $50 to even think about 😉

These two tied the knot at the Seed Mill Barn in Monroe and I am OBSESSED with the light at this venue. There was a beautiful pocket of golden sun right underneath a huge tree by an old pickup truck and I wanted to die with happiness.

I also adored every sweet and sentimental touch these two put into their day… Katie’s late father’s picture placed on the front row. Their letters to each other before the ceremony. And their last dance at the end of the night were among my top favorities.

Enjoy their day through my eyes:

Luke + Katie

December 23, 2020

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